Student Leadership

Student leadership is pivotal for any band program to be successful.

North Stafford has a proud history of student leaders helping the band to its highest levels of achievement. Many leadership positions correspond to marching band. Please see Mr. Nicholas if you have interest in a leadership position. Remember, it’s YOUR band. Step up and lead!

Drum Major

Student (typically an upperclassmen) who helps the director oversee smooth rehearsal and performance in marching band. Drum Majors conduct the season’s marching show and lead the band at football games and all performances. Students must march at least one season prior to applying for Drum Major.

Section Leader/Captain

Section Leaders (or Captains) are integral to the marching band’s success. Section Leaders must lead productive music & marching practice during all sectional time. They must work closely with the Drum Major and other Section Leaders to develop a COHESIVE Leadership TEAM. Teamwork is vital for all Section Leaders.

Band Librarian

This position is open to any student enrolled in a concert band course. You will assist the Director with maintaining our extensive Music Library as well as other organizational projects to benefit the Band Program.